About Chennai International Airport

About Chennai International Airport

It is a well known fact that Chennai airport is a very famous venue receiving million of passengers every year. It is situated in tirusulam, which is about 7 Km away from Chennai. According to latest estimates, it occupies third position among all other airports and is creating a huge fan following among the arriving tourists. Total number of aircrafts operating from the Chennai airport has steadily increased to 75.

There are two terminals which are located at Meenambakkham and Tirusulam with former catering to the cargoes arriving from different countries and the latter is concerned with the passengers. They are working in tandem with chennai airport authority to provide the best benefits so that people are able to conduct their trip in an easy and hassle free manner. International terminal is commemorated to the Former chief minister of Tamil Nadu called AnnaDurai whereas national terminal is dedicated to the memory of Kamraj which located at the chennai airport address. It is a well known fact that city was called by people as Madras in the past. Different flights moving to Belgaum from Mumbai used to stop at the Madras Airport. Terminal is situated in the north eastern portion of the airport which was called the Meenambakkham airport. It is considered to be the best among in the country because of wonderful infrastructure.

The chennai airport official website states that terminal at Tirusulam is regarded as quite prominent because it handles majority of international passengers in an impeccable style. The building which was used in the past for passengers has been converted into cargo terminal and also used by prominent courier companies such as Blue dart. In the initial phase Mennambakham terminal was built at the chennai airport address, however it was replaced by Anna terminal which help to provide the desired benefits to the users. Terminals of the Chennai airport are connected by the link building used to transfer passenger from one place to another. Kamraaj terminal was built in recent times in an exemplary manner.

New Greenfield Airport:

The cargo section of the Chennai international airport is quite famous and is known to handle large number of goods. Total price of construction is Rs 145 Crore which understate the fact that it is a major suspension.  The ground floor in the area is spread in an area of 21000 sq m. In hindsight the first floor is about 12000 sq meters. To make the airport more versatile government has constructed the automatic storage system, which offers quick and efficient access to range of items. It would go a long way in providing the best options to the travelers to make their trip memorable.

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