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It is a well known fact that Madras is the one of the most famous cities with Chennai as the capital. Chennai is situated on the Coromandel Coast located along the Bay of Bengal. In terms of population, Chennai occupies the sixth position and is growing at a rapid pace. Current population of Chennai is 4.48 million and the metropolitan region has increased to 9 million.

Economy of the city is based on array of industries capturing imagination of people in a great manner. Different types of factories are constructed with computer technology as the backdrop along with the hardware manufacturing. It would go a long way in providing the best possible solution.  Chennai has written the Indian success story of information technology industry along with the services offered to the foreign clients. Most of the automobile majors have opened their offices around the Chennai city, and are quite encouraged to undertake expansion because of the high quality and labor and perfect environment for investment. According to analysts, it is also called the Detroit of Asia. Most of the automobile exports of India are provided by Chennai.

The city of Chennai is awesome and is known for its rich culture called Carnatic music, which is breathtaking and quite popular among large section of population. Annual Music session is amazing and would go a long way in providing the best solution to the users. Bharat Natyam is an important style of dance and offers amazing options to the students to learn the steps in an impeccable style. Chennai film industry comes second to the Hindi film industry in terms of revenues and value.


Chennai Corporation is known for its services provided to the city users. Management of garbage is one of the most important activities undertaken to get the best options. Private environment organizations are playing a pivotal role in making the environment clean for the people. It would attract the travelers in huge numbers. Chennai Metro water supply along with the sewage board has created huge opportunities for the citizens by making the city disease free. Electricity supply is controlled by Tamil Nadu Board.


According to Forbes magazine growth rate of Chennai is fastest on the planet which is powered by the slew of industries comprising of automobile and other services.  It is a well known fact that with present increase, the Chennai would become an economy worth $100 billion dollars.

Tamil is the primary language of Chennai because majority of population comprise of Tamils. Telegu is considered to be the third language after English.  Due to awesome opportunities available in the city, people have migrated in large numbers. Therefore there are large numbers of individuals belonging to other states. There are many people who are working in IT industries and form an important part of the expatriate population in Chennai.

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