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The business lounge is an awesome place to enjoy the stay in a wonderful manner when waiting for the transit flight. Sometimes people get delayed due to the flight take off and therefore spent their precious time in business lounge. It offers humungous benefits to the users. Accommodation is considered to be awesome and provides numerous incentives to the users. Bed sheets are exemplary, offering amazing performance because they are made of non allergic fabric. Climate controlled rooms provide a welcome escape from the sultry heat. It is a well known fact that the room is located above the office of the manager. Similarly, people provide incentive to the users by offering lifts that are able to carry 4 passengers along with the trolley full of luggage. To stay in the room, one has to shell out Rs 1000 per day because of the luxurious lifestyle on offer. Apart from above, it is equipped with TV broadcasting programs of various types to the users. Rooms are available to the users round the clock and are in great demand. Therefore it is important to undertake prior reservation, so that people are able to unwind and relax. The second terminal of departure is built in a wonderful way. Rooms are situated just above the aforesaid building. It has an amazing restaurant, which serves excellent cuisine to the users. If the waiting time is 6 hours, it is possible to visit the nearby amusement park and spend the time in a proper manner. Price of taxi is reasonable because it was priced at Rs 100. A wonderful zoo is located in the vicinity and proves to be a great distraction for the travelers.

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